Bull Sale: Snake River Valley Genetics

        THE 48 TH ANNUAL 

The bulls are available for viewing any time at our home location north of Idaho Falls. This is our best set yet.  More pictures and videos will be coming soon. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions you might have regarding this tremendous offering.



         We welcome you to the 48th Annual Adams Connection/ Snake River Valley Genetics Bull Sale. This past fall, we have seen the bottom fall right out of bed with this cattle market. As the new year comes, the market is on the rebound and at this time is still improving. While we watch a volatile market in the coming year, the one thing we need to remember is we are survivors! The partners in this bull sale have seen ups and downs in the market for the last couple of decades. We have been through some tough times but we have survived. As we bring this tremendous offering of bulls to you, we would like you to know it's the kind of cattle we raise and present to you that have helped us to survive.

These bulls have been bred and selected for performance data. All bulls have been DNA tested. Our fall bulls have been PAP tested. All the bulls have been fertility tested and meet all of the requirements they need to help you, our customer, prosper in the cattle business!
We appreciate you taking the time to look over our offering.

Videos will be up 10 days before the sale at our respective web sites and at Snake River Valley Genetics. If you have any questions or we can be of any assistance, please feel free to give us a call.

                                       Thanks again Wade, Vicki, Sedar, and Danna                

Spring Yearling Angus Bulls

Lot 74

BL Doc 612D

Animal Info:


Lot 75

BL Days of Gold622D

Animal Info:

Fall Yearling Limflex Bulls


Lot 76

BL Continental Divide 563C

Animal Info:


Lot 77

Bl Cowboy Up 564C

Animal Info:

Lot 78

Bl crocodile dundee 565C

Animal INfo:

Lot 79

Bl Call of Duty 566C

Animal info:


Lot 80

BL Crossfire 567C

Animal Info:

Lot 81

BL Charlie 568C   

Animal Info:


lot 82

bl Comanche Moon 570C

Animal Info:

                                                    Lot 83

                                         BL Caliber 577C

                                            Animal Info:

Lot 84

BL Calico Joe 578C

Animal Info:

Lot 85

BL Cash 580C

Animal Info:

Lot 86

BL Cotton Eye Joe 582C

Animal Info:

Spring Yearling Limflex Bulls

Lot 87 

BL Desperado 615D  

Animal Info: 

Lot 88

BL Dropkick Murphy 616D

Animal Info:

Lot 89 

BL Deuces 625D

Animal Info:


Lot 90

BL Die Hard 627D

Animal Info:

Lot 91

Bl doc Holliday 628D

Animal Info:

Lot 92

BL diplomat 629D

Animal Info:

Lot 93 

Bl Dakota Dude 636D

Animal Info:

Lot 94

BL Dutch 640D

Animal info:

Lot 95 

Bl duke 644D

Animal Info:




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